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Revenge Clothing & Revenge Official to buy 100% authentic Revenge Hoodies, Revenge T-Shirts, Revenge Jackets, Revenge Sweatshirts & all the other Official Revenge Apparel. Revenge Clothing is the official store of Revenge and we only sell authentic products. Please buy now and get up to 50% discount.

Revenge is a famous clothing brand sometimes called XXXTentacion was founded in early 2016. Revenge (Garette’s Revenge) name originally came from the song by American rapper and singer XXX Tentacion. Garette, the close friend of XXX Tentacion and a designer based in Los Angeles, founded the brand “Revenge“. The brand quickly became famous among youth who love stylish Sweatshirts, Hoodies, and T-Shirts.

Life of XXXTentacion

Famous American rapper XXXTentacion (X) was also a songwriter and singer. Although he was quite controversial among the public, he has many teen fans who love his songs based on the theme of depression. We are here for his legacy selling his most precious collection. He started his music career on SoundCloud after being released from Juvenile jail. He is the leading figure in the SoundCloud rap and emo rap genre. He also faced many controversial and legal issues throughout his short life span of 20 years. But his legacy in the music industry was always above his personal life with other issues.

Start of Revenge Brand

Garette officially started this brand in 2016 on Instagram with his face covered and wearing the Revenge T-Shirt. Then later with his collaboration, we started this Revenge official shop for the convenience of customers who can easily visit the website and buy from a variety of official revenge and XXXTentacion stock. Revenge official shop is selling the most authentic and real Revenge Hoodies, Revenge T-Shirts, XXXTentaction Hoodies, XXXTentacion T-Shirts, and XXXTentacion Sweatshirts. There are also Revenge Accessories available.

Revenge Hoodies

Revenge Clothing is always an icon for the brand. We have a famous “Revenge” logo printed on the front and sometimes on the back side of the Revenge hoodie with some extra designs. Our famous hoodies names are “Revenge Inferno Ski Mask Hoodie“, “Revenge Nightmare Hoodie“, “Revenge Orange Arch Logo Hoodie“, and “REVENGE x Very Rare ‘FLAMES’ Hoodie“.

Revenge T-Shirts

Revenge Shirts are quite rare and you can only find them on this Revenge official shop for their authenticity and quality. Our shirts also include the official revenge logo in different colors mostly red and back on the front or back of the T-Shirt. Our famous Revenge Tees are “Revenge Spider T-Shirt“, “Revenge x Trippie Redd Arch Black T-Shirt“, “Revenge x Lil Durk Painting Tee“, and “Revenge Lightning T-shirt“.

XXXTentacion Hoodies

XXX Tentacion Hoodies are under the same Revenge brand but with a different name and logo design. Garette met the X later in 2017 and they collaborated to officially launch the Revenge x XXXTentacion apparel. Famous XXXTentacion hoodies are “XXX Tentacion Bad Vibes Forever Hoodie“, “XXX Tentacion Hoodie“, and “XXXTentacion Hip Hop 3D Print Hoodie“.

XXXTentacion T-Shirts

XXX Tentacion Shirts are the same as their hoodies, but with top-quality material and deep color print. XXXTentacion Tees have an official logo with some creative designs. Our famous Tees are ““No More Pain” XXXTentacion Bad Vibes Forever Tee“, “XXXTentacion Hold The Gate Tee“, and “XXXTentacion Triumph T-shirt“.

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